Forms are great, but dynamic descriptions are even better

Why we made the experience of creating routines simpler

Starting today, with the release of version 1.6.0 of the Astra app, you can now create routines to automate your finances by editing a simple text-based statement.

Our ambition at Astra is to make managing your money a more empowering and personal experience. A key aspect of our product is the ability to create flexible routines that transfer your money based on rules. Much of our work building the Astra platform focuses on developing this logic so that it works for a wide variety of use cases while leveraging automation.

But the obvious next question is how to make an abstract process understandable in the context of your finances and straightforward enough to empower you to achieve your goals with the routine. Because we actually move your money for you, we take this challenge extremely seriously. And this is especially important when the result of the routine logic is not an explicitly defined amount that you set but an implicitly calculated dollar amount (see How do sweep transfers work?).

So then how should we render this experience to you?

Prior to today’s release, the user experience would guide you through a series of screens prompting you to select the dates, accounts, or amounts that are the parameters of the logic we managed on your behalf. This took about five steps with one or more selections or fields per screen.

We’ve spent weeks re-designing this flow from the ground up, using your feedback as guidance for how to make this both flexible and understandable (thank you!). From today forward, this is now just one screen rendered in sentence format with dynamic inputs. Not only does this radically simplify the process for interacting with the automations you create, but more importantly, it makes the logic you are defining as clear and direct as possible.

We are excited to hear your feedback and see how you use Astra next!

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