Move money,

Astra transfers cash between your checking and savings accounts, so you don’t have to.

Astra makes it so easy for me to to move my money to the right place, automatically. And I always know where I am with all my accounts in one place.

Dave, California

This is a really cool product. It's great because I spend less time worrying and stressing about my finances- everything is automated. Gotta move money to my savings? Nope, Astra's done it already.

Emily, New York

A cool savings app that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

Violet, Ohio

Put your finances on autopilot


Dynamic, rule-based actions

Save for your trip abroad or deposit more into a higher yield account. Astra initiates transfers between your accounts – automatically.

Just set the rules, then watch your money fund your goals.

General Savings

Sweep, Monthly

Trip to Italy

$25, Weekly

Pay Off Credit Card

$100, Monthly


Free transfers.
As often as you like.

It shouldn’t cost you money to transfer your money between your accounts.

Astra includes free transfers to and from your checking and savings accounts. We’ve built the software to facilitate bank transfers automatically through the ACH network.

Automating $315,802 in transfers for our users.
And counting.


Move your cash.
Between any two accounts.

Whether you bank with a national institution, your local credit union, or a neobank, it just works.

Authorize your bank account once, then use it to send or receive money with any of Astra’s transfer routines.


Achieve your savings goals faster

Stop worrying about remembering to set funds aside or calculating what savings are earmarked for what.

Astra helps you set up your savings plan, track your progress for each savings goal, and fund them faster.

Astra moves your money, automatically.

Quickly connect all
of your accounts
Create automated
transfers with ease
Save more