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    A multi-sided, peer-to-peer marketplace and developer platform for consumer finance

  • Our Mission

    To make your finances more tangible, empowering, and personal

Introducing the Beta

Our mobile friendly beta web app helps you easily manage your finances, with interactive charts and balance forecasts based entirely on your unique spending patterns.

How it works:

1. Link your checking and credit card accounts painlessly and securely using state of the art technology.

2. Review financial projections, leverage an intuitive dashboard, and benchmark your performance using clear infographics.

3. Gain insights, reduce spending, manage debt, and achieve your financial goals.

Follow the money

Stay up-to-date with your financial health by reviewing your historic cash flows, recurring expenses, as well as debt obligations so you can keep track of your progress towards your goals.

Beta features

Check out what we’ve built into our Beta:


Astra is constantly learning from you – we create a customized deep learning model to tailor Astra’s smarts just for you.


See the big picture by connecting all of your various accounts across multiple institutions all in one place.


Astra is built using state-of-the-art security practices. Your personal data is fully encrypted and securely stored.


See what next month looks like. And sleep better at night knowing how well you’re improving your financial health.


Follow the money – and find out how much you spent on coffee last month (if you’re up for facing the truth).


Whether it’s a rainy day fund or a vacation, set your financial goals and easily plan how you’re going to fund them.

Take control of your financial life:
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NVIDIA Inception Program

We are excited to share that Astra is now a proud member of the @NvidiaAI Inception Program! Join us in the AI revolution.