Mission Control for Your  Finances Savings Future

Astra helps you achieve your personal savings goals with free transfers – automatically.

Astra App

How It Works

Connect your bank accounts, input your savings goals, and create the rules to fund them. Then sit back and let Astra get to work!

Rules-based Actions

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Create custom actions to automate the movement of your money to increase savings or pay down debt.

Trip to Italy

$400 Monthly

General Savings

Automatic Surplus, Monthly

Pay Off Credit Card

$100 Monthly

Your Astra Wallet

Make your money work for you

Create as many savings goals as you’d like, change the rules for each one at any time, and track your progress along the way.

Transfers at a Glance

Track the movement of your money

Review your timeline to see the movement of your money – where it has gone and where it’s scheduled to go.

Your Savings, Your Way

Transfer money for free

Save your money in an existing bank account or your Astra Wallet. Track all of your transfers and withdraw your funds at any time.

Universal Banking

Any US bank or your Astra Account can be used as the source or destination of a transfer.

Take Control of Your Financial Future