LatestMarch 20, 2020

More Automation = Less Stress

In our modern world, there are plenty of things out there that can cause stress. At Astra, we are working to make personal finance as stress-free as possible through the use of automation. With that in mind, here are a few tasks that the people in our office have completed in the last few weeks […]

Sam Sam | Co-founder, COO

March 17, 2020

Getting Started with Astra

Welcome! Astra is an automation platform for your money. We aren’t a bank but instead help you manage your finances through connecting your financial accounts together and leveraging automation to reduce the time and effort required to organize your cash flow. With Astra you can: Link all of your financial accounts together to a single […]

Sam Sam | Co-founder, COO

March 9, 2020

Setting Up a Savings Plan

Almost everyone wants to save more money this year, but the difference between hoping to save money and actually saving money is a plan. Let’s make one. Our financial lives are complicated. Between credit cards, savings accounts, bills, and investments, there is a lot of money moving around and very little of it is properly […]

Sam Sam | Co-founder, COO

March 5, 2020

Why haven’t we arrived at the AWS Era for Fintech?

What the architecture of the Cloud predicts for the next wave of Financial Technology. With key infrastructure providers maturing, simultaneously “Everything is Fintech” and financial technology is transitioning into the Third Wave of technical innovation. If we trace this progression from data to infrastructure to platforms within the Cloud, we can see a clear parallel […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

February 12, 2020

Everything is Fintech, so now what?

New companies and existing players are creating new financial products that interact with your money. But if everything is becoming Fintech, what does this mean for our financial lives? How do we manage the increased complexity? If you started 2020 with any doubt about the breadth of products or services financial technology might impact, the […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

February 10, 2020

Checking vs Savings Accounts: Do You Need Both?

Checkings and savings accounts are the pillars of personal finance. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of account, and why you should have both. In the world of personal finance, we have many relationships with banks and financial service providers. Credit cards, deposit accounts, car insurance, investment accounts, car loans, and educational debit […]

Sam Sam | Co-founder, COO

February 4, 2020

Astra joins Visa’s Fast Track Program for Fintech startups

By working with Visa, Astra will gain additional payment capabilities for its financial automation platform. We are excited to announce that Astra has joined Visa’s Fast Track Program for Financial Technology startups in the U.S. Visa expanded the Fast Track program to the United States in July 2019 to accelerate the process of integrating with […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

January 24, 2020

6 Ways to save $75 this month that you have never tried before

There is nothing easy about saving money. There are plenty of things to spend our money on and our income is normally quite fixed. In this early part of the new year, we thought we would put together a few of our favorite ways to stash away just $75 with minimal effort. Take a look […]

Sam Sam | Co-founder, COO

January 1, 2020

Build your savings in 2020 with the 52-week challenge

Automate incremental savings that grow exponentially over a year! It’s a new year (and a new decade!), and calendar changes are a great time to work on your finances. Setting aside money for an emergency can be a daunting task, but if you take small steps now, the pay off long term can be fantastic! […]

Sam Sam | Co-founder, COO

December 16, 2019

Forms are great, but dynamic descriptions are even better

Why we made the experience of creating routines simpler Starting today, with the release of version 1.6.0 of the Astra app, you can now create routines to automate your finances by editing a simple text-based statement. Our ambition at Astra is to make managing your money a more empowering and personal experience. A key aspect […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

November 20, 2019

The Automation Platform for your Money

The evolution of fintech and what’s ahead for Astra in 2020 Astra is an automation platform that helps you put your finances on autopilot, saving you time while efficiently routing your money between accounts. It gives your bank superpowers through programmatic routines that move your funds – all automatically. Whether you are a consumer or […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

March 18, 2019

Fast Tracking your Engine for Growth

What we achieved through Demand Curve’s Growth Training Program Last month, Astra completed Demand Curve’s four-week Growth Training Program. After coming back up for air – it really was an exhilarating and intense bootcamp-like experience – we’ve had a chance to gain enough altitude to understand the impact it had for the trajectory of our […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

January 9, 2019

How do sweep transfers work?

We recently announced the launch of Sweep Transfers in the Astra app (release v1.1.0), which marks the first time this advanced banking feature is directly available to consumers! Since “sweeps” are typically only available via private banking accounts, we thought we should share a little more about why we’ve developed them for Astra, outline how […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

October 28, 2018

100 Happy Users and Post PMF

This is Week 09 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. For the last week of SUS, the program focused on what’s next. Assuming you are on your way to achieving product market fit: what’s The Path to $100B; how to deal with the People, Customers, Sales, and How to Win by optimizing yourself. […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

October 21, 2018

Good Markets and Getting Investor Meetings

This is Week 08 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. The highlight of this week’s program content was hands down from Founder, Author, and Investor Elad Gil. His talk covered a great range of topics from the role of the CEO by stage of your company,  the velocity of your team, and […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

October 14, 2018

Fundraising and The Messy Middle

This is Week 07 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. This week’s SUS program included a range of lectures from Startup Technology to A Conversation on Hard Tech to Fundraising Fundamentals. This lecture with Geoff Ralston (YC Partner) was particularly valuable. He shares some great rules of thumb (eg. how much to […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

October 7, 2018

The Story of a Startup in Two Parts

This is Week 06 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. We clicked submit for our YC Application on Tuesday morning (phew!), took a quick breath, and headed to this week’s lecture with Patrick Collison (Stripe co-founder and CEO). This talk was called “Running your Company” but actually covered a wide range of […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

September 30, 2018

Creating Luck

This is Week 05 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. Although the lectures for this week were super valuable covering How to Sell and Building an Engineering Team, the focus for us (and many of our fellow YCSUS founders) was really all about the application process for the core program. How to […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

September 23, 2018

What goes into a Great Product?

This is Week 04 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. The lectures for this week’s curriculum concluded the focus on product, with an amazing presentation by Garry Tan (Initialized Capital, formerly YC Partner) on “Design for Startups.” Next up was “PR and Content for Growth” by Kat Mañalac (YC Partner) and Craig […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

September 16, 2018

Measuring Product Market Fit and “Core” Data

This is Week 03 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. Continuing last week’s focus on product and growth, this week’s Startup School lectures focused more on the latter aspect of the topic. Gustaf Alstromer (YC Partner, formerly Growth at Airbnb) presented “How to Get Users and Grow” and Suhail Doshi (Mixpanel) shared […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

September 7, 2018

Your Problem, Clearly and Narrowly

This is Week 02 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. This week the content and focus for Startup School shift to product and growth. The weekly Tuesday lecture included a talk by YC CEO Michael Seibel on Building Product and a second on How to Find Product Market Fit by David Rusenko […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

August 31, 2018

Spontaneous Word of Mouth

This is Week 01 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal. Startup School is off and running. Ten weeks, lectures by leaders in tech weekly, ~15k companies jump-starting various growth goals – rad! In this first week, the program officially started, the first four lectures have been given, and the SUS portal and […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

August 24, 2018

Our YC Startup School Gameplan

Astra was accepted to the Advisor Track for Y Combinator’s Startup School! Yes, as was pretty widely discussed on Hacker News and Social, we also felt the emotional roller coaster of being first rejected for the program. Y Combinator’s solution was pretty graceful and it means we get to connect with and learn from 1,000s […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

July 27, 2018

3 Unexpected Benefits From Sharing My Goals With Other Makers

At the beginning of this year, our team started building our soon-to-be-launched Astra app for iOS. We got to work on refining the mockups and developing the codebase, but we also knew we needed to engage potential users for feedback and build a community around our product before it went live. Product Hunt is the go-to platform for this […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

July 13, 2018

Why Astra? Three Years Later.

Last year we shared an article about the origins of our startup, Astra. Back then, we were in the process of developing our “beta” web app and we outlined our commitment to developing smart technology to help people make empowering decisions about their finances. Since we published that article, our original commitment has remained, but […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

May 12, 2017

How Deep Learning helped us launch our Financial Intelligence startup

Every startup has a unique origin story. Certainly there are some common themes — a genius founder, recognizing a great trend, or just grinding tirelessly out of a garage. But what if you have an idea for a company without all the key ingredients on-hand? You are passionate about the problem, and you have ambitions […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO