Threshold Notifications

Receive notifications when your account balance crosses a threshold.

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Why use Threshold Notifications?

Information is power when it comes to personal finances, and with Astra we let you leverage the centralization of your finances on our platform to create smart notifications based on rules that you set up.

If you want to get a notification every time your savings account is above $1,000 so that you can transfer those funds to an investment account, Astra can help. If you want to ease up on your spending once your checking account goes below, $2,000, Astra can make that simple. Setup as many alert notifications as you like , utilizing SMS or Push notifications, and pause or cancel them at any time, all from the Astra application.

Real-world example

Setting up a Threshold Notification is simple:

  • You want to make sure that you always have at least $2,500 in your primary checking account. To ensure this, on Jan 10th you set up a threshold notification, through the Routines section, selecting a Balance Threshold notification option on the Astra app to monitor the balance of your account with a minimum value of $2,500.
  • On Jan 11th and Jan 12th, your primary checking account balance was $3,100 and $3,200 respectively, so you did not receive any balance notifications from Astra.
  • On Jan 13th you paid your Rent and the balance of your primary checking account dropped to $2,400. Astra sees the balance change and sends you a push notification on your phone to alert you to the fact that your balance is below the threshold you set, and what that new balance is.
  • Simple notifications can help reduce financial stress by proactively reminding you of the status of an account and give you the time to take corrective action.

How to set it up

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Get important alerts when your account balance crosses a threshold.

Create this routine

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