Sweep Transfer

Transfer any funds over a set balance from one account to another.

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Why Sweep?

Remembering to move extra money out of an account is difficult. Maybe you have an alert in your calendar to remind you to move extra funds after you get paid or at the end of the quarter. If you are like many people, you simply leave that extra money in your account because it’s safe there and you can see it whenever you like.

The problem with both of those methods is that your money is not doing as much work as it could be. Inflation is a real part of our financial lives and any additional money in a depository account should be put to better use: paying down credit cards, investing in the equity markets, or just earning interest in a savings account. We built the Sweep routine so that you can put your money to its most effective use – you get to keep a balance you are comfortable with and Astra will transfer the extra funds so you don’t have to think about it.

Real-world example

Setting up a Sweep Routine is simple:

  • You want to keep $3,000 max in your checking account at all times. To do this, you set up a monthly Sweep transfer on Jan 10th with a max amount of $3,000. All extra funds above that will be moved to your savings account every month on the 10th.
  • On Feb 9th, your checking account balance is $3,750. Astra calculates your “extra funds” total as $750 and notifies you that the funds will be moved on Feb 10th to your savings account.
  • On Feb 10th Astra initiates the transfer of $750 from your checking account to your savings account, and you receive an email confirmation to let you know the routine is complete. That’s it!

How to set it up

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Create this routine

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