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Why use Round-ups?

Getting started with savings can seem overwhelming. If you don’t have enough funds to make a big transfer into a savings account, it might seem like there isn’t a point of saving at all. We developed our Round-up Routine to make incremental savings as flexible and as personal as possible, allowing you to regularly save small amounts of money which can lead to big savings figures over time.

After you specify which account you want to monitor and which accounts you want to transfer funds from and to, Astra will automatically track your spending and move the weekly Round-up totals to your savings account without any additional work on your part. You can even use a credit card as the account to track spending! Automated savings using the accounts you already have – the way it should be.

Real-world example

Setting up a Round-ups Routine is simple:

  • You want to save a small amount of money each week based on your main credit card spending. To do this you set up a weekly Round-up Routine with Astra on Jan 10th and specify that money should be transferred from your checking account to your savings account.
  • Starting on Jan 10th, Astra tracks the spending on your main credit card and rounds up each transaction and then adds that figure to the weekly total. For example, if you buy a coffee that is $4.25, Astra will add $0.75 to your weekly Round-up total.
  • On Jan 16th, Astra will send you a notification with the total of all of the Round-up activity related to your main credit card for the 7 days from Jan 10th to Jan 16th.
  • On Jan 17th, Astra will move the weekly Round-up total (let’s say it’s $14.56) from your checking account to your savings account. All of the benefits of a Round-up without all of the unnecessary volume of transfers. Simple – the way savings should be.

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