Recurring Transfers

Transfer the same amount of money on a regular schedule.

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Why use Recurring Transfers?

There are many ways to establish a financial safety net, and one of the easiest is to set aside a given amount of money each month that you want to put into an account for use in emergencies. Small or large, establishing a routine to systematically save the same amount each month can help build a nice amount of savings long term and Astra is here to make that as simple as possible.

Leveraging your existing savings and checking accounts, we allow you to build a recurring transfer between any two accounts that you have connected to our platform in just a few simple steps and with no new account sign-ups. Start saving today with a recurring transfer and build your rainy day fund on autopilot.

Real-world example

Setting up a recurring transfer is simple:

  • You want to establish an emergency fund and you would like to fund that through small contributions on a monthly basis. To get things going, you set up a Recurring Transfer of $100 from your primary checking account to your savings account, to occur every month on the 15th.
  • On Jan 15th the first transfer from your primary checking account to your savings account occurs, and you are sent a confirmation email to let you know that it is complete.
  • These transfers will continue indefinitely unless you pause or cancel the Routine in the app.

How to set it up

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Create this routine

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