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Why use Regular Notifications?

The balances in your financial accounts should never be a surprise. Whether you are trying to manage your credit card usage or see your progress towards a savings goal, it’s important to keep track of your balances. The problem is that because most people utilize multiple financial service providers for their needs so you have to try and setup alerts at all sorts of different places which is annoying and cumbersome.

With Astra, all of that complexity is simplified. Link all of your accounts to your Astra account and then set up whatever balance notifications you link. Want to set up a daily balance notification on your primary checking account as an SMS? No problem. Want to get a weekly push notification with your savings account balance – three clicks and you are all set up. Setup as many alert notifications in SMS or via push notifications as you like and pause or cancel them at any time, all from the Astra application.

Real-world example

Setting up a Balance Notification is simple:

  • You want to monitor your progress towards your savings goal of $2,500 for a trip to Japan. You have established a Goal in your Astra app and a Round-Up routine to fund the goal but you want to keep track of the balance and your balance is currently $500.
  • On Jan 10th, you set up a weekly recurring SMS notification, through the Routines section, selecting a Balance notification option on the Astra app to monitor the balance of your Astra savings goal against your $2,500 target.
  • During the course of the week, the balance of your Astra saving goal increases because of deposits from your Round-up routines.
  • On Jan 17th, Astra confirms your balance for your Japan trip savings goal to be $575 and automatically sends you an SMS with that updated balance.
  • Simple notifications can help reduce financial stress by proactively reminding you of the status of an account and how you are tracking against longer-term financial goals.

How to set it up

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