Automate the
Profit First system.

Astra transfers cash between your business bank accounts, based on your allocation percentages – all automatically!

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Put your business profits on autopilot.

Quickly connect all of your accounts in one place.

Define your allocation percentages.

Automate transfers as soon as invoices clear.

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Astra makes it so easy for me to to move my money to the right place, automatically. And I always know where I am with all my accounts in one place.

Dave, California

This is a really cool product. It's great because I spend less time worrying and stressing about my finances- everything is automated. Gotta move money to my savings? Nope, Astra's done it already.

Emily, New York

A cool savings app that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

Violet, Ohio

Routines designed for Profit First.

Distribute funds to your target bank accounts systematically, based on your allocation percentages. Astra will recognize income, calculate the amounts, and move it for you as soon as your invoices clear.

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Your accounts, your system.

Use the bank accounts you already have and apply your system to them. Connect your bank accounts and easily move money between Income, Profit, and Expense accounts.

Save time.
Skip the spreadsheets.

Set the rules once, and watch Astra do the work for you. No more twice-monthly accounting or spreadsheets. Your distributions are automatically calculated and transferred as soon as you get paid.

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.

Track your balances on the go with smart alerts. Get notifications for income and balances across all of your accounts.


Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take for my transfer to process? +
    After a transfer is initiated, it can take 2+ business days for your money to become available in the destination account. Astra is built on the ACH network. When you move your money through a transfer in the app, it will show as "pending" in your source account almost immediately. If you are transferring those funds into your Astra Wallet or Goal, it may not clear and show in your balance for 2-4 business days. If you are transferring funds between two external accounts it can take between 2-8 business days for those funds to be available in the destination account. If you are uncertain about the status of a transfer, check your Timeline in the app. And of course, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to Astra support!
  • How do Round Up routines work? +
    "Round Ups" round up to the nearest dollar and process weekly. Starting on the specified Start Date, Astra will calculate an amount for each of the transactions on your Spending Account. On a weekly basis, that sum will transfer between your Source and Destination Accounts. Your Spending Account can be either a checking or credit card account. A few examples:
    • I purchase a coffee for $2.48, Astra will round up to $3.00 and plan to save $0.52.
    • My Netflix subscription processes for $12.99, Astra will round up to $13.00 and plan to save $0.01.
    • I buy lunch at my favorite taco truck for $10.00, Astra will round up to $11.00 and plan to save $1.00.
  • Is Astra a bank? +
    Not a bank, but an automation service for your finances. Astra is not a bank. We work with our partners Plaid and Dwolla to offer access to financial services; however, your money is never held by an Astra entity. Instead, we utilize Dwolla’s white-label banking services to secure your funds and act as a switching station, moving money between accounts based on the actions you program. If you have additional questions about our legal status or our banking partners, feel free to send us a line at [email protected].

Astra saves you time, so you can focus on profit.

Receive a text with a link to download Astra

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