Dwolla | Astra Empowers Users to Save With Dwolla

Consistent product iteration over three years led to the release of a financial savings app that makes it easier for consumers to manage their personal finances.

What started as a side project that provided interactive graphs with banking data evolved into its own financial savings app that gives a user the ability to make decisions, based on that banking data.

Gil Akos and Sam Morgan launched Astra, a Me-to-Me financial savings app, to make finance more intelligent, empowering and personal. By connecting bank accounts and creating savings goals, Astra helps users manage the movement of their money with programmable “actions” all within one dashboard. Then Astra automates the rest through ACH transfers between bank accounts.

Since launching Astra in August 2018, Akos—who is the CEO and co-founder—continues with the consistent product iteration through releasing application updates every two weeks. Akos said Astra users have transferred more than $20,000 so far and are on track to save more than $600 a year, which is substantial seeing how about 46% of Americans can’t afford a $400 expense that is unexpected, according to a 2016 study.

“Dwolla offers a very solid product and one that has allowed us to do what we intended to do from the start, which is to go beyond just reporting numbers to people,” says Morgan, Chief Product Officer. “We can offer something that can actually automate the movement of money on their behalf, and that functionality is reliant on the success of Dwolla.”

Read more of our Case Study from our partners at Dwolla.

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