LatestDecember 19, 2018

Press Release | Astra Announces Automated “Sweep” Transfers for Consumers

MENLO PARK, CA DECEMBER 20, 2018 –– Astra is a mobile app that helps consumers optimize their cash flow through automated bank transfers. Today, Astra announced the unprecedented release of “sweep” transfer functionality. Typically only available through private banking to high net worth individuals, “sweep” transfers automatically move funds from one account to another based […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

November 14, 2018

Dwolla | Astra Empowers Users to Save With Dwolla

What started as a side project that provided interactive graphs with banking data evolved into its own financial savings app that gives a user the ability to make decisions, based on that banking data. Gil Akos and Sam Morgan launched Astra, a Me-to-Me financial savings app, to make finance more intelligent, empowering and personal. By […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

November 2, 2018

Plaid | How Astra makes it easier for professionals to achieve their financial goals

But before Astra could get to a place of intrinsic utility, co-founders Gil Akos and Sam Morgan needed to find a financial data API that, one, allowed for secure account integration and, two, could act as a switching station as users’ money moved between accounts based on their defined actions. From the beginning, they found […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

September 29, 2018

Udacity | Gil Akos, and his Nanodegree-powered path to co-founding Astra

Gil Akos had an incredible idea for a new app. He wanted to empower individuals to make better decisions about their money through the power of technology. Gil believed that through smart financial modeling, based on deep learning, he could give people the power to make smarter moves with their money. There was just one […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO

September 26, 2018

Hacker Noon | Founder Interviews: Gil Akos of Astra

Davis Baer: What’s Astra and how long have you been working on it? Gil Akos: Astra is a mobile app that helps you manage your money and set funds aside for your savings goals — automatically. You connect all of your bank and credit card accounts, input your goals, and create the rules to fund them. Astra […]

Gil Gil | Co-founder, CEO