Getting Started with Astra


Astra is an automation platform for your money. We aren’t a bank but instead help you manage your finances through connecting your financial accounts together and leveraging automation to reduce the time and effort required to organize your cash flow.

With Astra you can:

  • Link all of your financial accounts together to a single dashboard
  • Set automatic transfers between accounts based on balances or income events
  • Use powerful savings routines to put your savings on autopilot
  • Create savings goals and track your progress over time
  • Get alerts about balances based on set amount triggers

You have taken the first step by downloading the Astra app, but let’s finish the setup process and let Astra get to work for you!

Setting up your Astra Account

If you have installed the application you are already on your way! There are two levels to your Astra profile – Registered and Verified. What’s the difference? Great question!

Registered: At this level, you can link your financial accounts to the app to see balances or transactional information and you can step-up alerts and notifications based on those accounts.

Verified: At this level, you can do everything available in the Registered level PLUS you can now transfer funds between accounts using automation and you can set up savings goals within the app to track savings for specific items. To get the most out of Astra this is the level for you!

We highly recommend that you complete the Verification process to have the best experience with Astra. To do that, you will need to provide some basic information through the onboarding process which we will use to ensure account authenticity (you are who you say you are!)

Required information for the Verification process includes:

  • Full legal name
  • Mailing Address
  • Birthdate
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number*

*Please know that we do not store this information nor do we share it with any third parties. The confidential information is used for the onboarding process only. Note we may require additional details such as your full SSN for verification.

With your account Verified, it’s now time to link some financial accounts to your Astra profile!

Linking your accounts is as simple as signing in to your online bank account. First, select the “+” icon and choose “Link a bank account” from the list of options. Next, you will be prompted to either select your bank from the list or search for it in the search bar. With your bank highlighted you will now be able to enter your username and password for that account, the same one that you use to access that account online or through their app. That’s it!

Your Astra account is now all set to go and you have linked your accounts – now it’s time for some automation!

How do people use Astra?

We designed Astra to be as flexible and universal as possible so that it can assist a broad spectrum of use cases. Here are a couple of users can how they are getting the most out of Astra:


Steve is in his first job out of school and his first apartment in New York. There are lots of expenses and saving isn’t a priority but he knows he should put something aside for a rainy day.

Accounts Connected

  • Chase Checking
  • Discover Card


  • Round-ups – everything he spends on his Discover card the transactions are rounded up and those funds are automatically transferred once a week to his Astra savings goal from his Chase checking account.
  • Threshold notifications – every time Steve’s Chase Checking account dips below $1,000 he receives an SMS from Astra to help him prevent overdrafts.

Small Business Owner

J.C. is the owner of a small Jeep restoration shop in Pittsburgh. He is the CEO and CFO of his shop and needs to spend more time working on vehicles than organizing the financial books if he can. He wants to manage cash flow and the distribution of income as it comes in from customers so that he can keep growing the business sustainably.

Accounts Connected

  • Key Bank Business Checking (Business)
  • American Express Card (Business)
  • Key Bank Checking (Personal)
  • Marcus High Yield Savings (Personal)
  • Discover Card (Personal)


  • Percentage-based Transfers – In an effort to organize his cash flow, J.C. utilizes Percentage-based Transfers to divide up incoming funds into different accounts (10% to Profits, 30% to Taxes, etc.) Without any ongoing work on his part, Astra automatically recognizes deposits to his account and creates transfers based on the percentages he set to the other accounts.
  • Recurring Transfer – As both CEO and the sole employee there is a lot of financial overlap at J.C.’s Jeep shop. For instance, the company car (obviously a Jeep) is paid for by the company but is held in J.C.’s name. To organize this, J.C. set up a recurring transfer from the business account to his personal account for the 10th of every month so that the automatic payment from his account to the car company can be funded by the business.
  • Threshold notifications – every time his American Express balance goes above $5,000 he receives an SMS from Astra to remind him to pay the balance.

Financially Complicated

Sally is a VP at a software company in San Francisco and has a very complex financial life. She owns a home (and the accompanying mortgage), has numerous checking and savings accounts and is working to stash away as much money in her brokerage account as possible.

Accounts Connected

  • TD Bank Personal Checking account
  • Charles Schwab Investor Checking account
  • Marcus High Yield Savings
  • Navy Credit Union Mortgage Account
  • Ally Financial CD
  • American Express Platinum Card
  • Discover Card


  • Sweep Transfers – Sally has many financial relationships and making sure the right money is in the right account can be a challenge, so to help with this she has set up sweep transfers. In a sweep transfer, you pick an account and a balance amount that you want to maintain and if the balance of that account exceeds the threshold amount, all of the additional funds can be transferred automatically to another account. Sally wants to keep $2,500 in her checking account at all times but wants to make sure the rest is earning income in her high yield Marcus account and a sweep transfer can automate that set up for her with no day to day requirements from her.
  • 52-week Savings – Time is paramount for Sally, and although she does everything she can to organize her finances, she needs programmatic savings routines to ensure that funds are always being set aside. She uses the 52-week saving routine through Astra to automatically save a growing amount of money each week, starting with $5 then $10 and $15, etc. through the course of the year so that she has an emergency fund of nearly $6,500 by the end of the year. It’s simple to set up and runs automatically – all she does is check the progress via her accounts screen.

Astra’s financial automation software can help with personal finance at all levels, regardless of your situation. Flexible, universal and free to use, the Astra platform exists to help people organize and automate their finances to achieve a more healthy financial life. Get Astra and get automated!

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