100 Happy Users and Post PMF

This is Week 09 of 09 of Astra’s Y Combinator Startup School Journal.

For the last week of SUS, the program focused on what’s next. Assuming you are on your way to achieving product market fit: what’s The Path to $100B; how to deal with the People, Customers, Sales, and How to Win by optimizing yourself.

All really great stuff by the presenters Paul Buchheit (Gmail, YC Partner), Mathilde Collin (Front), and Daniel Gross (Pioneer, formerly YC Partner) respectively! Maybe it was the Midwest connection, but we really enjoyed the vibes and anecdotes from Paul:

It's easier to start with deep but narrow appeal, and then broaden it over time, than it is to start with just broad 'meh,' and then try to convert people from 'meh' to loving your thing in mass.


Program complete!

  • Attended lectures on Tuesday and caught How to Win online
  • Office Hours on Thursdays
  • Final blog post done!
  • Final metrics submitted!
  • Intro video uploaded on our SUS company page!



More progress on Sweep Transfers!

  • Developed UX for submitting ondemand authorization
  • Developed endpoints to submit User’s ondemand authorization to Dwolla



We had less dedicated growth efforts than most weeks, but we captured some cool key milestones and had a case study on Astra published by our partners at Plaid!

Ad Astra!🚀

Per our refined dashboard, this week’s user stats:

  • 252 Total Users (+11)
  • 236 Signed Up Users (+9)
  • 110 Onboarded Users (+6)
  • 64 Verified Users (+3 or 5%)

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